Here we go…


Well here we go…

It has been a long road to get here, but here we are.

Welcome to our world. A world inspired by one man, Veitch.

Veitch was a unique person, an enigma and a pioneer.

‘The Undertow’ is a feature we have in development. It’s a fictional film based on fact, set around the early surfing world in North East England.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First things first, alongside the larger film we have entered this short Documentary contest. It’s a chance for us to explore the world in more depth and show you more about who we are and where we are coming from – so please give us a vote and a share with your friends.

The Undertow website is still just an uncontrollable wandering little toddler… check back to see how things progress and for more ways to get involved.




Thanks so far go out to a whole host of friends, families and supporters.
The list is long and growing longer.

Ivana MacKinnon, Lewis Arnold, Chris McClean, Mickey Smith, Ben Howard, OD, Tozer, Alex Moore, Alex Williams, John Millard, Pete Harding, Sandy, Finn, Ben, Louis, Harry, Jimmy Gopperth, Northern Film & Media, Create:Innovate, Creative England, Film 4ward Scheme, Peter Broderick, Peter Cowley.
Most importantly to Sheila and Veitch himself for the constant inspiration.