Life on the Edge

THE UNDERTOW original screenplay was written by award-winning writer Lauren Davies with the input of Ivana MacKinnon, associate producer of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

The story is told through Sandy’s eyes as he tries to step out of a life with few prospects where nothing ever happens to follow in Veitch’s footsteps, chase perfection and become a professional surfer. The backbone of the story is surfing, but this is a human story with compelling, relatable issues that will hold and entertain a mainstream audience. The film follows the youthful highs and lows of chasing your dreams and learning to believe in yourself while bearing witness to the darker areas of life and showing the impact one life can have on the next generation. Geordie humour adds colour to the story.

THE UNDERTOW will be an authentic, dramatic film that will speak to and reach out to you, our core audience, but it is a story that will inspire everyone to want to go surfing.


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