The Undertow

Newcastle, England 1989. In the unique surfing community of the industrial North East, teenage outsider Sandy comes of age in hostile waters. A splash of colour in a black and white world, he chases the dream to leave the football mad city and follow in the footsteps of local legend, professional surfer, Veitch.

When their worlds collide, Veitch recognises a rare talent in Sandy and agrees to mentor him in preparation for a life changing big wave contest. 

Driven by an obsessive love of the North Sea, they embark on a journey to find perfection. But while Veitch’s world seems exhilarating and dynamic, beneath the surface lurks darkness and pain that lead to a dramatic turn of events In the shadow of supertankers, Sandy learns not only how to survive death-defying surf, but how to stand alone and shape his own future.


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